Flaunt Your Flaws

I vividly remember how embarrassing it was having a translucent sickly white skin embossed with brown spots. My freckles were always the bane of my existence. They made me cry. I was the girl on the beach with the large sunhat, huge shirt over my full costume and chalk white sun-blocked face. I never owned a bikini. I hated summer. I avoided the beach which wasn’t great because I grew up at the coast.

Decades later and you wouldn’t believe it, but, freckles are in! Thanks Meghan Markle. Women are tattooing freckles on their faces! I have wasted so many tears on what I considered my biggest flaw which is now a major fashion trend. So for now, I do love my spray tans, but I invest in my skin and refuse to wear base. I am flaunting my flaw.

A friend of mine came in the office the other day with this massive bush of full curly hair. She looked beautiful. I had never seen this side to her. She hadn’t had time to straighten her hair that morning. She admitted that her wild jaw dropping curly hair made her cry and she always tried to hide it as she was teased about it. She clearly didn’t know what it feels like to have thin fine hair. Woman all over the world wear hairpieces for volume. I couldn’t believe that she would tame her eye catching natural beauty to fit in.

How many of you out there are trying to hide or change that one part of you that makes you different?

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
— Coco Chanel

After all, imagine if Cindy Crawford had removed her mole?

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful.
— Sophia Loren

Perfection is said to be like a dog chasing its tail: Unattainable. Your face is beautiful because it is not symmetrical. Your left and right boobs probably aren’t the same, and you need to decide whether you are going to embrace your sexy curves or hide what makes you feminine. There will always be another woman more attractive, thinner, funnier, richer and smarter. But there is one thing she doesn’t have, and that is your uniqueness and the idiosyncrasies that make you, well, you.

We all know that our world is not always fair or the best place to be. There are times when we are left with emotional scars that change us and leave us with emotional flaws. They can even harden our hearts which allows us to cope. Acknowledge your emotional scars, learn from them, talk to loved ones, be patient, let go. You will heal, and know that when you do, your scar will leave you stronger than ever.

August is Women’s Month and we would love to celebrate this with all women out there. We would like to encourage you to stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out and to become the best version of yourself, instead of the second-best version of someone else. There is no such thing as a flaw - it is what makes you unique. Don’t hide it anymore, flaunt it. Don’t let others dictate what is beautiful or not and most importantly, enjoy looking like you. Embrace the beauty of flaws.

It was Thich Nhat Hanh who said ‘To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.’

Wishing you a wonderful Women’s Month. Looking forward to seeing you in one of our five-star spas.