One thing that remains consistent in our lives is change. Be it change in season, change in home, change in career, shift in focus, direction, perspective, birth, death, the list goes on…

If there were no change in our life on earth, how would we evolve?

I recently experienced the power of change in my children while driving my little ones around in their isofix strapped minibus. When I drive them around in a smaller car, they experience the utter joy of riding low on the ground, free of their usual high ride isofix safety and restraint and this change leads to a considerable amount of smiles and weeee sounds from their precocious little faces. Despite the change in wheels not necessarily being good (or bad), they fully embrace the positive within the change and it brings them joy and a newfound perspective. Their smiles and laughter are not a result of an amazing new small car, but as a result of their ability to embrace change and adapt to new things. Is this willingness to explore new avenues without the concern of losing the old or losing a part of our identity of who we are, not what leads us to learn, grow and essentially evolve?

How do you handle change?

Do you hold on to the past and the way things were?

Does change make you fearful of what you might lose?

Do you embrace difference, new possibilities, new ways or experiences?

Do you grow and learn and evolve through change?

I believe that that our willingness to adapt and embrace change becomes less as we get older and this reduces our ability to learn, explore, develop and grow which really shouldn’t be limited to a young age but should accelerate as we grow older.

The technological world is compounding the effects of change in our lives and is connecting us to global opportunities we never imagined possible. I hope that you will join us in letting go of the resistance to change and focusing on new avenues, new heights and new possibilities as we learn to improve and evolve. Look out for our new online booking system and gift voucher purchases.

As we evolve, change and grow personally, so does our skin throughout the various seasons. Skin care regime during the warmer climates uses the support of the humidity in our environment. However, during colder climates the lack in moisture drops and your skin care regime can no longer support your skins moisture balance, therefore causing your skin to dehydrate causing premature ageing, it is important to change your regime in colder climates to a heavier facial cream locking in moisture and add in a hydrating serum. To avoid your skins flaky appearance in winter, exfoliation is important to remove the dead skin cells before restoring moisture balance and increase product absorption.

Embrace winter this month and snuggle up in front of a warm fire.  Make your way to one of our five-star spa’s for relaxation and pampering. Bring a friend and catch up over a pedi or massage or over our comprehensive list of luxurious services. This winter we are offering a free upgrade with any of the signature massages booked, take advantage now.

We are embracing change and Evolve Spa Group would like to thank every guest who has made it possible. This new season, we welcome positive organic growth and we are offering luxurious value for money group packages. We are delighted to welcome all businesses and friends no matter how big or small to experience one of our tailor-made corporate morning or afternoon spa packages. We are focused on value packaged luxury. As employees are ultimately the lifeblood of one’s organisation, perhaps a little pamper and wellness may help them to evolve themselves and ultimately your business.  

Finally, we would like to make invite the youth of today to apply for our #YouthUnemploymentChange initiative. We are going to be offering two motivated and hardworking graduates a once in a lifetime opportunity. We will be granting the recent graduates with a bursary and mentorship at Evolve Spa Group. We hope this will inspire other businesses to do the same so that we can all work together to address the unemployment rate in our country.