Irish Beauty Tricks and Secrets

This month we are celebrating St Patrick’s day and the beauty of the Irish. The Irish have a rich history of beauty ideals and trends. Due to less sun, Ireland is considered one of the biggest sunless tanning markets in the world and Irish women do prefer a more natural make up look, however, it doesn’t end there.

Don’t believe us? Did you know that botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox™ is manufactured in Ireland? Unlike other countries, and although botulinum toxin is a popular treatment, the talkability around botulinum toxin is a big no and clients prefer to keep this five-star treatment a secret. 

However, having botulinum toxin treatment done isn’t their only secret, here are some natural, price effective home treatments to leave you looking and feeling gorgeous:

  • In the spirit of St Patrick’s day give your hair a beer rinse! The malt and hops in beer adds strength and shine to your hair.

  • Looking for a natural antioxidant for your skin? Irish women love sipping their barley tea which is known to release antioxidants and nutrients like selenium for clear, younger looking skin. Another added benefit of the barley tea is the strong anti-inflammatory properties within the body. 

  • Irish women have also been cleansing their skin with oatmeal and buttermilk for centuries to alleviate rashes, dry skin and irritation. This allows them to also take advantage of the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Seaweed baths, built in Ireland are pumped full of fresh sea water and seaweed leaves to heal body aches, boost circulation and soothe the skin. Seaweed is known to be full of essential oils that are healing and nourishing to the skin.  

  • Potato is a staple food in Ireland, but there is more than one way to use this everyday spud. Teabags or cucumbers are traditionally used on one’s eyes but the catecholase in potato, a naturally occurring skin lightening agent found in potatoes, can lighten discoloration and brighten the eye are.

In the spirit of Irish beauty, St Patrick’s day and feeling lucky, Evolve Spa Group is giving away a free Dermalogica expert skin care facial with every full body massage booked. *Pay an extra R50.00 and qualify for an Irish rejuvenation green mask.

So, take advantage today, we would love to have you at one of our five-star spas.

Happy St Patrick’s day and remember we are open on Human Rights Day (21st of March).