Mother's Day

It was only once I had a child that I realised the love my mom had for me. The unbreakable, all encompassing, self-sacrificing, fear riddled love of a mom for her child. I often think back at the night my mom tore out the pages of my school book and redid my work, trying to make it great - but still believable that a six year old had accomplished it. This month we celebrate moms and their often under-valued contribution they make to our world.

So, dear Moms: Running late as you try to pack a school bag - while cleaning up spilt milk and forgetting to pack your kid’s PT clothes for the day - does not make you a bad mom. A bad kid, a bad moment or a bad day doesn’t make you a bad mom. In fact, it makes you human. Alongside your most basic physiological requirements like water, air and food – sleep is also a basic building block for survival. Too little sleep awakens the mommy monster, a condition not exclusive to bad moms or only moms with small children. Parenting is exhausting. Do you know what else doesn’t make you a bad mom? These:

  • Leaning on Peppa Pig to keep your toddler occupied

  • Letting your temper pour out of you like a hot rush of lava

  • Turning up the music as your little angel has a temper tantrum in the car

  • Venting to someone you love

  • Feeling envious because other mothers have better kids and a nicer house

  • Saying ‘because I said so’

  • Loving your job (your escape that brings you a small piece of sanity)

At Evolve, we understand the huge sacrifices moms make. As such, this is one our favourite months as we get to celebrate their selflessness.

Maybe it is not about a Room of One’s Own but a Time of One’s Own … I could use an hour to do nothing. An hour of complete silence.
— Carrie Barron, MD

Carrie is the Director of the Creativity for Resilience Program at Dell Medical School in Austin, Texas, and on the faculty of the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. She often assists moms with their struggles.

Tiredness is one of the most common problems new and older moms face and fatigue has a negative impact on a mother’s wellbeing as well as the relationships they have with their families. Taking much needed me time is not selfish, it is essential. It can make you a better mom, friend, spouse and partner. Taking time to reprioritise, refresh and regroup to look after your soul helps you get back on track to become the mom you really are. When you are not tired, a mom’s every day mundane tasks are just easier, lighter and faster.

We hope to give moms some much deserved precious me time this Mother’s Day. Mommy burnout is real and nasty and sometimes you need to look after yourself first. Book our Mother’s Day promotions for yourself or with a mom you love. Time is short. Take a break and celebrate moms with us.

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Thank you to all our moms for the love, selflessness and support too often taken for granted. Thank you for what you do when no-one is looking and thank you for making the world a better place. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.


Nicole van Coller (Owner)
and the Evolve Spa Group Team