Time to Detox

January is often a time of new year resolutions and detox following a festive social holiday. While unwanted calories and toxins may not have been on the top of your mind during the holidays, for many of us, our skinny jeans are a no go and our larger oversized tops and dresses are all the rage in January.

Ok, so it is time to smell the decaf coffee and give your liver a break. So, what exactly is detoxing and why do it?

A detox diet rids the body of toxins through natural pathways, helping the body’s vital organs to recover while boosting the its important micronutrients. Detoxing has numerous proven benefits. Not only does it help with weight loss and curb food addiction, it also clears your skin, boosts energy, improves your immune system and concentration.

Don’t think a detox is for you? Here are some signs that your body might disagree:

  • You are carrying excess body weight

  • You are emotional

  • You lack mental energy

  • You feel stressed, anxious or fatigued

  • Your skin is dull and prone to breakouts

  • You experience withdrawal symptoms from coffee, drugs or alcohol

Here are some detox tips to ensure a safe journey back to your November wardrobe

  • Drinks should be limited to water (and plenty of it), rooibos tea and decaf coffee

  • Keep a diet rich in “superfoods” such as fresh organic fruit, vegetables and fish

  • Exercise - get up and keep active which is essential for muscle health

  • DON’T sit down - Sitting for long periods allows the build-up of glucose and fat in the blood, along with spikes in insulin – all of which can contribute to long term problems with the body’s metabolism.

  • Practice slow eating

  • Sleep well and often

Eliminate trigger foods such as gluten, sugar, processed carbohydrates and caffeine.

And, you guessed it

  • Spa treatments – which will not only stimulate your body to get rid of unwanted toxins but will help you detox your mind too!

Always remember to detox safely - there are some radical January detoxes available that can be potentially harmful to your health and are not supported by many medical professionals. Remember that herbal remedies often used in Detoxes are not without side effects and remember that a sensible diet and regular physical activity really are the only ways to properly maintain and maximise your health. Lastly, moderation is key.

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