The Beauty of Heritage

A Nation’s cultural heritage resides in the hearts and soul of its people.

On Heritage Day, we as South Africans are encouraged to celebrate our culture and the diversity of our beliefs and traditions in a nation that belongs to all its people.

This Heritage Day, Evolve Day Spa invites you to come in for a complimentary skin analysis to help you understand your skin and its needs.

At Evolve Day Spa we love our multi-faceted cultures and believe in embracing our differences. We are going celebrate Heritage Day this Monday by helping you to understand your skin a little bit better and by offering you amazing South African discounts and giveaways.

People often ask, “Is there a difference between my African skin and my friend’s Caucasian skin?”- And the simple answer is, “NO”. We are not so different after all.

When treating the skin, the skin care professional will focus on Skin Type and Skin Condition. Although darker skins have over active Sebaceous glands, which produce excess oil on the skin, and are prone to Post Inflammatory Pigmentation (blemishing and scarring), all skin types can have this same problem, especially if the skin is not prepped correctly before peels and laser treatments. The solution to these problems is to make sure that the person treating you is well trained and knowledgeable in all these areas. It is crucial in treating your skin that your therapist is at the top of their game.

At Evolve Day Spa, we have a dedicated team of fully qualified therapists who are ready to address your concerns, and their aim is to equip you to treat your skin the best possible way. They have experience in all skin types and ethnicities.

Don’t forget, we are open this Heritage Day, but spaces are limited, so book your proudly South African Facial or Body Treatment today.

We have phenomenal once off Heritage Day specials available, but these are limited so book now!

All treatments booked over R600, will receive a free complimentary South African Baobab Mud Wrap, valued at R380 which is guaranteed to detox and re-mineralize your skin.

Huge discounts available on the following exceptional South African treatments:

Evolve Signature Lamelle Facial with Back Massage

90min – Price R 600 / Saving R 250

SIX Heavenly Journey skin treatment with Rose Quartz Facial Massage

90min – Price R 450 / Saving R 250

Evolve Signature Awakening Massage

90min – Price R 600 / Saving R 290

We are proud of our South African heritage and look forward to celebrating it with you at one of our beautiful 5-star spas where our therapists will pamper you from head to toe.