Latest Hair Trends

Hair colour trends come and go, some leave quicker than others and some don’t last long for practical reasons, such as pearl hair. Colour roots which trended last year are a thing of the past. Pastel shares are dominating 2018, and what is so lovely about them are that they eventually fade leaving beautiful blonde colours behind, a low maintenance option. At Evolve we love low maintenance as much as we love a good colouring combo.

On the celebrity scene, the favourite trend setting Hollywood stars, the Kardashians, are dominating the style industry with their ‘Unicorn hair’ which is setting worldwide trends.

Warmer days have started showing their heads, however, the winter dry cold air can cause lifting of hair strand cuticles, and August winds also damage hair. Winter hair appears brittle and dry. Here are some tips to maintain your hair during winter and to get it ready for a gorgeous summer!

  • Shampoo less often to help with itchy flaky scalp
  • Switch to oil-based moisturiser to lock in extra moisture
  • Commit to weekly treatments to keep hair hydrated
  • Use leave in conditioner to combat static
  • Forgo platinum hair colour for a darker dye this winter
  • Cut down on your heat-heavy styling routine
  • But never go outside with damp hair to bypass breakage
  • Line your winter hat with silk or satin to stop split ends
  • Use dry shampoo for volume if your hair has gone limp
  • Hydrate hair over night with oil or serum

Treat your hair with our Redken treatments at Evolve day spa with our fabulous products such as Diamond oil scalp treatment for a dry scalp and ends, PH bonder for broken cuticles and split ends or our extreme weekly colour treatments to soften your hair and bring back that shine. For our guests who are concerned about their damaged hair our ammonia free toners carefully add beautiful colour to hair without causing any damage.

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Don’t forget that we use only the most luxurious and quality hair extensions in our spa, thanks to Leading Lady hair extensions. Read more about our hair extensions in the weeks to follow.

Come see your stylist Keisha for a free hair consultation. We look forward to giving you gorgeous hair at our five star treatment in our hair salon and spa’s.