Winter Nail Trends

While winter may be a time to hide away and cover up more than usual, it is the best time to showcase beautiful hands.

At Evolve Day Spa we focus on staying up to date and carefully applying the right designs and nail polish colours for your nails.

2018 fashion show trends in New York, London, Paris and Milan saw carefully curated nail designs that ranged from avant-garde to subtle and chic.

Here are some ideas to grace your hands through the colder temperatures:

Short and Natural

Practical and simple nails are often overlooked, yet short nails are easily wearable, and those lacking bright colour and nail art are trending this winter.

Practical Ovals

Long over the top nails are not in trend this season. Oval nails are the happening shape to have.

Low Square Tips

It is a classic shape with a good, clean look that is easy to appreciate. It also allows nail art and colours to be showcased.

2019 Nail Polish Trends

Moody Tones

Naturally with the arrival of the colder months, colours get darker and gloomier.

Sharoxanne Chetty, Evolve Day Spa’s nail expert, likes to use moody tones of dark olive, smokey teal and more.

Futuristic Metallics

All shades of metallics, including conventional gold, copper, chrome and rose gold are trending.

New Shades of Nude and Neutrals

Light shades of taupe, beige and even olive green have made the list with soft, early translucent pinks to be considered the new neutrals and nudes.

Glossy High-Shine Nails

Glossy-finished nails are always stunning.

Glitter Nails

Glitter nails are in, and since we love all things sparkling and mesmerising, this is Evolve’s favourite nail polish option to try!

Richer Reds

Red is a classic nail colour, but fashionista’s know there are so many options to try. Deep reds like maroon and oxblood are very popular at the moment.

Matte Nail Polish

An unexpected edgy look popular in overseas fashion shows.

Half Moon Cuticle Manicures

Short nails with a half moon coming off the cuticle are in.


Accent colours on the ring finger are also tending at the moment.

With so many options to try, don’t let your hands take the back seat this winter.  Come in to Evolve for all your nail fashion and hand care needs.