Winter Blues

Reduced sunlight in winter results in decreased amounts of melatonin and serotonin in your body. Both of these hormones assist with stress management. Their suppression makes this demanding time all the more taxing on your body.

The reduction in sunlight, and the corresponding drops in daily temperature, will leave you feeling more tired and lethargic than usual. This has various knock-on affects, including reduced motivation levels, increased appetite, and being sleep deprived as a result of irregular sleeping patterns.

Feeling bluer than usual? Feeling anxious? Nervous? Distracted? Worried?

You may have the winter blues!

Yes, there is such a thing as the seasonal blues, and you may have it.

During this winter period, it is crucial that you set time aside for yourself to de-stress, unwind and rewire. Drastic improvements in your emotional well-being and immune system will be noticed immediately.

Stress is believed to be responsible for 85% of health conditions!

Severe stress can leave you:

Experiencing excessive fatigue, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, chest pain, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and feeling depressed, suicidal, angry, tired and sore ... only to mention a few.

Here are some easy ways to treat stress:

  1. Chew bubblegum: chewing gum increases the flow of blood to the brain and stimulates the relaxation response.
  2. Spend time outdoors: spending time outside surrounded by nature is a great antidote to stress. Not only does nature calm the mind, but it also often means being active!
  3. Smile: smiling when stressed creates tension in your facial muscles that helps reduce stress.
  4. Sniff lavender: this herb is known to calm mind, body and soul. Use a drop of lavender essential oil on your pillow at night to help with sleep.
  5. Tune in: listening to music has proven to calm the heart rate and relax the mind.
  6. Try breathing exercises: breathing exercises are a great way to stop the stress response. Meditation is another essential technique to manage stress.
  7. Write: writing your problems in a journal can help you feel calmer, resulting in enhanced creativity and problem solving.
  8. Tell a friend: social support is a huge stress reliever.
  9. Get moving: exercise benefits mood in many ways, takes your mind off everyday worries, and releases endorphins.

    Our top stress reliever:
  10. Be kind to yourself: treating yourself to regular massage and spa treatments is imperative to your well-being. Not only does it calm the mind, body and soul, it also stimulates endorphins and helps to eliminate any lactic acid in the muscles. Regular massage has been shown to support the immune system, provide fibromyalgia relief, improve sleep, improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and manage depression, anxiety, ADHD and other disorders.

At Evolve Day Spa, we have many treatments to help with stress relief and tension, so why not try the following treatments:

  • Aromatherapy massage – R600.00

  • Therapeutic foot massage – R250.00
  • Anti-stress body cocooning wrap – R480.00

Although coming for treatments will help release stress and tension - home care is advisable. Here are some home care remedies:

  • Spalicious jasmine oil – R190.00
  • Spalicious fig and pomegranate range (known to uplift spirits and relax the mind) 
  • Body scrub – R170.00
  • Body butter – R170.00
  • Foot soak – R170.00

 Try our unique signature stress-relieving rituals, only available at Evolve Spa Group.

The Evolve Awakening – R750.00

This signature ritual has been specifically formulated to treat and relieve fatigue, stress and muscular tension in your body. This 105-minute treatment will transport you into a realm of pure relaxation. Starting with a full body citrus and sea salt glow, followed by 60 minutes of Aromabliss, heated stones to calm the muscles and glass ball therapy to help with inflammation, this treatment will treat your core concern, be it detox, stress or muscular tension. Finish off your ritual with a warm senna or jasmine herbal tea to relax. 

Additional Spa Bath – R150.00 (The Premier Branch ONLY)

Feel free to enquire about any monthly stress reliever ritual discounts in our series of treatments. Our friendly staff are at your beck and call and will be more than happy to assist you in overcoming your winter blues.

Not only can you beat this brutal winter by coming to one of our luxurious Spa’s today, you can thrive! Our specialists in the field welcome you with open arms. Our Spa’s are kitted with cutting edge technology, designed to invigorate both body and mind. Until then, stay warm, positive and healthy.