Putting Your Best Foot Forward


As winter fades away and summer starts showing its head, open-toed shoes and beautiful feet are becoming a ‘must’. After a long winter covered by boots and socks, your feet are probably pretty dry and maybe even a bit crusty. So, first things first, you have got to get rid of all that dry cracked built up skin and calluses on your heels.

There is only one way to really get rid of that horrid thick, cracked skin and that’s with a Silky Soft professional chemical foot peel, brought to you by Spalicious, which is guaranteed to leave your feet feeling soft, hydrated and cleansed for only R440, and we’ll include a full pedicure at no extra cost.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate!!!

Once all the dead skin has been removed, it is important to give it something back! This applies for your whole body and not just your feet. At Evolve, we apply Wonder Nail’s super soft and nourishing Body Wax. Why not take some home to keep your feet looking and feeling, beautiful, nourished and soft?

Perfectly Polished

The final touch to those beautifully soft feet is a stunning summer colour to get everyone’s heads turning.

Pastels are always popular, however, why not try sandy neutrals as an alternative or shocking bright pinks and shiny neon, our summer stars, as these will definitely get some attention on the beach this summer. Other trending colours are unlikely greens such as lime and olive and muted blues which make you feel like dancing in the Caribbean.

Foot care is so important in detecting early problems such as corns, bunions and fungal infections. Regular foot exfoliation removes dead skin on your feet, preventing skin cell accumulation resulting in bunions or corns. So don’t hesitate, book your pedi now.

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Coming soon!

Look out for our new bespoke, super comfortable pedi chairs, and if you need to do lunch or catch up with a friend, why not do it whilst having a pedi and kill two birds with one stone?

Whatever your pedi preference we have it for you! Why not pay us a visit, and let our therapists pamper your feet to perfection. so that you can put your best foot forward this spring and summer. Book a pedicure from R240 at Evolve Day Spa today.