Real Men Come from Spa-rta

A warrior. A gruesome hulk with battle scars, broken teeth and a horrid stench.

Ummm no. That may have been what the warriors of old were like, but the modern man can take on the battleground that is the business world and look darn good doing it.

Especially at this time of year where silly-season is in full swing, and it feels like everyone wants a piece of you.

Deadlines, targets, reports … all needed yesterday, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After work, you’re needed at home, you’re sweating it out at the gym or on the sports field or probably both. There some days you just need to walk back to camp to refuel.

The Spartans and ancient Greeks understood how important this concept is. They not only fought hard but played hard, too.

They were the first to introduce and develop large bathing areas, get massages and other aesthetic treatments to heal their battle wounds and promote their health.

If only there were a place in the modern world that offered the same healing and nurturing for your new age battle wounds, a place that provided you with some peace and quiet, to clear your mind and readjust your life’s battle plan.

With Evolve’s latest range of men’s treatments, now you can.

SIX: The Best Brand for The Modern Gentleman

SIX MAN is a highly-esteemed brand which is at the forefront of male grooming and personal care. They have a wide range of products that promote healthier and smoother skin. It is the perfect brand for men who understand the importance of looking after themselves inside and out.

Some of the SIX MAN treatments available at Evolve are:

SIX Man High-Performance AHA Skin Peel

This is an express treatment for the man on the move. Perfect for ingrown hairs, spots, fine lines and dehydration. Giving your skin renewed strength and a healthier look and feel.

The treatment uses only super intensive and natural lactic acid and glycolic acid. You can choose from two alpha hydroxyl acid skin peels that work like a personal trainer on your skin, bringing fitness and health back to it.

SIX Man Energising Facial

This treatment encompasses a facial that will help improve the appearance as well as the texture and health of the skin. It is ideal for men who suffer from oily and blotchy skin as well as skin irritation caused by shaving and exercising.

The treatment is 60-minutes long and will give you a short time-out to gather your thoughts and develop a new and more positive mindset.

SIX MAN on The Move

This SIX MAN treatment combines an express men’s specific facial with a choice of three spa rituals to provide a truly rejuvenating 40-minute experience.

You have the option to choose from a back massage, foot ritual or Indian head massage ritual. Either one of these three truly calming and rejuvenating rituals will be able to put you back on track – giving you the upper edge on all the obstacles that lie in your week ahead.

SIX Man First Class TX

Renowned as Evolve’s ‘Hero’ treatment and loved by all, this SIX MAN treatment shows the ultimate results by targeting not one, not two, but three main areas. It is specialised for the scalp, face and back and ensures that all three radiate masculine health.

The treatment begins with a tension relieving massage that encompasses highly specialised movements to undo knots and muscle strains.

The treatment is completed with an energising facial to promote healthier skin and to get rid of excess oils, pimples and sun damage. To top it all off, you will also undergo an Indian Head Massage ritual.

The entire treatment is 90-minutes long, relieving you from all stress and worry, renewing your armour and allowing you to regain your strength.

Gentleman’s Grooming Available at Evolve

As a man, you are expected to go above and beyond, and so we have decided to do the same.

We offer a full range of grooming features, allowing you to look your best and feel your best effortlessly.

Evolve’s grooming treatments include:

Shampoo Only

A quick on the move wash and go.

Shampoo, Condition and Blow Dry/Iron

A sensational wash followed by a relaxing conditioning to improve the look and feel of the hair. This is followed by a stylish blow dry or iron to make sure you leave looking and feeling brand new. This awesome package is perfect for men with short or medium hair.

Shampoo, Condition, Cut and Rinse

This is the classic combination for any modern gentleman. A simple wash and condition followed by a slick and stylish cut to neaten up those rough edges and reveal a new and improved look.

Shampoo, Condition, Cut and Blow Dry/Iron

This is the complete package. A complete grooming renewal that begins with a wash and followed by a rejuvenating conditioning.

Once the hair is looking good and feeling fresh, you undergo a stylish cut and shaping.

The entire treatment is finished off with a blow dry or iron to give you that perfectly clean cut, groomed look every gentleman needs.

Clipper Cut with or without Shampoo

This treatment encompasses a clean and simple clipper cut. For the simple well-polished gentleman. The shampoo is optional.

Beard Trim

A simple yet highly effective and stylish beard trim. Ideal for men who are on the move and want their beard to look the best but don’t have time to maintain it.

Teen Time for Boys

This package is specialised for the younger gentleman who is looking to create his own path and tackle the obstacles ahead.

It begins with a SIX MAN on the Move Facial, which is then followed by a cool teeth whitening, giving those pearly whites an extra tint.

Following this, you will get a shampoo and haircut to finish off your brilliant new look.

The entire treatment lasts three hours and will leave you feeling like the boss.

*Optional Extras – Spray tan, hair colour or back massage.

Men’s Specific Package

This one’s for the boys!

This package encompasses all the best treatments available at Evolve for men.

It starts with a life-saving back massage, followed by a deep tissue massage and a spa facial.

Once these three luxurious and extremely relaxing treatments are done, you will have a men’s pedicure and foot peel.

Then you can enjoy a gourmet spa lunch to end off the most amazing spa trip of your life.

The entire treatment lasts five hours and is exclusively for men.

Ready to give yourself the spruce you need to see you through the last battles of the year? We’re here from Monday to Saturday and even ‘til 8pm on Wednesdays for your convenience.

Booking is as simple as three clicks.

We’d love to hear from men on the move like you. Leave us a comment below and tell us how you find a balance living such a fast-paced lifestyle.