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Evolve Day Spa Treatments.

The saying goes, “quality above quantity’ and it is often believed that you have to have one or the other.

Here at Evolve, we pride ourselves on 5 Star service and high quality products. With the WIDEST range of treatments available, WORLD-CLASS products and the most AFFORDABLE prices, the stress of deciding between quantity or quality is no longer an issue.

Each treatment is performed by qualified professionals, who are not only the best in their field, but also the friendliest and most enthusiastic staff around. Making sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Treatments to Help You Evolve.

Evolve is about constantly growing and becoming better -and our specialised treatments will help you do just that.

Our vast range of treatments allows you to be rejuvenated from head to toe.

Whether you’re getting your hair done for a matric dance or a facial for a friend’s wedding. We have got you covered.

We offer everything from massages, waxes, body treatments, hands and feet, make-up, hair, facial treatments and tons of other aesthetic and signature treatments all the way to treatments for men and kids.

Each treatment has been expertly designed and tested to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

We make use of only the best quality products and ensure remarkable results.

Evolve’s Signature treatments.

We offer wonderful signature treatments that are guaranteed to brighten your mood and make you feel more positive.

The “Spa Taster.” package consists of a 30-minute aromatic massage and express spa facial.

Our ”Head to Toe.” package consists of a 60-minute full body aromatic massage and a spa facial.

Both of these treatments will allow you to calm your mind and take away all the stress of your busy lifestyle.

We also offer Anti-Wrinkle Injections under the banner of signature treatments. This procedure is a great way to get rid of the wrinkles, especially in the upper third of the face.

This is the treatment for you to keep your skin vibrant, youthful, and maintain confidence.

Facility Treatments: The Evolve Rasul Chamber.

Our magical and transformative Rasul Chamber is yet another way that we are fast reaching our ambition to be the number spa on the East Rand.

Modeled on a Turkish Hamman, the Rasul Chamber is the perfect preparatory treatment to begin your spa day. Enjoy this treatment on your own for alone time, as a couple, or as a group of friends. This is an exceptional experience that will not disappoint.

You enter the chamber and begin by preparing your skin with an exfoliation using a salt and oil scrub. This is then rinsed off and a mud mask is applied from your shoulders to your toes.

The chamber will then fill with steam, while you lie back and relax.

After 20 minutes, a soft rain shower will fall from the roof of the chamber. This will balance your body temperature and wash away the mud.

Following the treatment, you will be given a body balm to nourish the skin and lock in all the goodness of the treatment.

This treatment is a true Arabian adventure that will take you into another world and allow your body and mind to be transformed and healed.

The Spa Package Evolution.

Why is Evolve the best Spa around?

Well, besides our high-quality products, our professional staff, our state of the art facilities, and our affordable prices, we also have a wide range of packages available.

These packages are put together to ensure you get the utmost value for money from your spa experience.

Some packages we offer are:

We also offer additional packages that can be best suited to your needs.

So, no matter what your needs are. No matter what you are looking for. No matter how tough life is getting. We here at Evolve will always be there to help. Simply contact one of our qualified therapists and find the treatment that will make you evolve into the best you.

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